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GGBS Production Line


10,000-300,000 t/a

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Vertical mill, ball mill process
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GGBS Production Line

As a new admixture of high-performance concrete, slag powder has the advantages of improving concrete compression, tensile, shear, and bending properties. At present, replacing the amount of cement in concrete and cement products with the same amount of slag powder has become the mainstream trend in the building materials industry. At present, domestic large-scale vertical (ball) mill manufacturers do not produce small and medium-sized equipment, and small vertical (ball) mill manufacturing plants do not have the ability to design and manufacture the entire production line. In order to solve the difficulties of small and medium-sized investment owners in choosing suppliers, we designed and manufactured technical solutions and equipment for the entire mineral powder production line with an annual output of 100,000, 150,000, 200,000, and 300,000 tons.


The production process of micro-slag powder has two production processes: ball milling and vertical milling, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The ball milling system is a traditional slag grinding process. It has strong adaptability to materials, large specific surface area, better particle shape than vertical mills, simple maintenance and cheap accessories. However, it occupies a large area, consumes a lot of power, and needs to dry the materials separately, and the process is complicated. Vertical mill slag grinding is a system that has developed rapidly in recent years. The process is simple. Drying, grinding, and powder selection are all completed in the mill. The investment is low, the unit power consumption is low, and the heat transfer is fast, but the maintenance is more difficult than ball milling. In recent years, the comprehensive benefits of vertical mills in the cement industry due to the advantages of energy saving and consumption reduction have become more and more obvious, and they have also been widely used and promoted in the electric power, metallurgy, chemical, and non-metal industries.



Hourly Capacity (t/h)Annual Capacity (×10kt/a)Vertical Mill ModelDisc Diameter (mm)Vertical Mill Motor Power
Blast Furnace SlagCementRaw MaterialBlast Furnace SlagCementRaw MaterialDiameterRoller Diameter


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