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Superphosphate Production Line


20,000-100,000 tons/year

【Main Materials】:


【Main Equipment】:

Granulator, single-cylinder dryer, single-cylinder cooler
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Superphosphate Production Line

Superphosphate, also known as ordinary superphosphate, or superphosphate for short. it is made by decomposing phosphate rock with sulfuric acid or sintering calcium carbonate and phosphate rock. it is usually in powder or granular form and can be used as raw material for phosphate fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

Our company's granular superphosphate production line uses the crystallized product of the reaction between phosphate rock and sulfuric acid, ground to 99 mesh, concentrated and filtered as raw material. the particle size of the raw materials is less than 3mm when they are first produced. they will agglomerate during storage and transportation. the particle size distribution range is wide, the moisture is 13%, and the ph value is 3.5.


Compared with powdered superphosphate, granular superphosphate is less likely to react with soil and is easier for plants to absorb, increasing fertilizer efficiency.

1. Reduce the contact area between phosphorus and soil and reduce the chance of phosphoric acid being fixed in the soil.

2. Convenient for mechanical application and improve work efficiency

3. After passing through the dryer and cooler, the particle shape changes greatly and the morphology is better.


Model20,000~30,000 t/a50,000 t/a100,000 t/a
GranulatorDisc Granulator, Dia 2.2mRotary Granulator Φ1.8mx7mRotary Granulator Φ2.2mx8m
Rotary Dryer Φ1.8mx18mRotary Dryer Φ2.2mx22m
Rotary Cooler Φ1.5mx16.5mRotary Cooler Φ1.8mx16.5m


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