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Active Lime Production Line



【Main Materials】:


【Main Equipment】:

Vertical preheater,lime kiln,bag filter
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Active Lime Production Line

During all the active lime production process, the rotary kiln production process is the most advanced one. Our production process adopt the rotary kiln with the vertical preheater and vertical cooler for the limestone calcination to achieve the production requirements of energy saving, environmental protection, the high activity. We can provide technological solutions and complete production equipment for 50-800TPD quicklime (active lime) production line.


1. The combustion equipment uses energy-saving burners to automatically control the air distribution volume to reduce the loss of incomplete fuel combustion.

2. Rotary kiln refractory bricks adopt light-weight insulation on the outer layer and composite bricks with refractory and wear-resistant inner layer to reduce heat dissipation from the outer skin of the rotary kiln.

3. There is a vertical preheater at the end of the rotary kiln, which makes full use of the high-temperature flue gas produced by the combustion of the rotary kiln to preheat the materials in the preheater, so that the materials are partially decomposed in the preheater.



Capacity (t/d)15020025030035040050060080010001200
Main EquipmentMain supporting equipment models and technical and economic indicators
Vertical PreheaterYRQ04YRQ06YRQ06YRQ08YRQ08YRQ10YRQ12YRQ12YRQ14YRQ18YRQ20
Rotary Kilnφ2.5×40mφ2.8×43mφ3.0×48mφ3.2×50mφ3.3×52mφ3.6×55mφ3.8×58mφ4.0×60mφ4.3×65mφ4.9×70mφ5.1×72m
Vertical CoolerLSF36LSF44LSF56LSF80LSF112
Calcination Temperature /℃1100±50
Energy Consumption Index /(kCal/kg)1200±100≤1150≤1100
Power Consumption Index /(kW·h/t)40±5
Limestone: Lime1.7~1.78:1
Light and Over burnt Rate /%≤5
Lime Activity /ml≥340(depends on the composition of limestone)
Lime Discharging Temperature /℃Ambient Temperature +60
Limestone Feeding Size /mm10~20/20~40
Emission Concentration /(mg/Nm3)≤10
Annual Working Day / Days≥340
Overhaul Cycle / Year1~3
Labor / Shift2~3
Applicable fuelCoal powder, Coke oven gas, Semi-coke furnace gas, Converter gas, Blast furnace gas, Calcium carbide furnace gas, Natural gas, Diesel oil, Heavy oil, Liquefied petroleum gas, biomass fuel etc.


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