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Rod Mill

  • Model:MBS0918-MBS3245
  • Capacity:0.5–500 t/h
Rod mill is widely applied in metaland nonmetal mine, water conservancy, glass and construction materialsindustries, mainly suitable for grinding various ores and rocks and artificialsand-making.

Raw Materials:

Suitable for grinding various ores and rocks and artificial sand-making.


Widely applied in metal and nonmetal mine, water conservancy, glass and construction materials industries.


MBS type rod mill grinding media are steel rod, mainly for ore processing, suitable for non-ferrous metal and non-metallic mineral resources, compared to the general grinding equipment, the most notable feature is the steel rod in the interior of MBS type rod mill contact the material was linear, this can ensure that the equipment has a certain selective grinding effect, through MBS type rod mill grinding materials have more uniform particle size, will not appear over powder phenomenon in the process of grinding, improve the overall application value of the finished material.

Rod Mill

Product Advantages

  • 01

    The discharging granularity of rod mill is evener and the output is higher.

  • 02

    The grinding media contact with the ore in a linear manner, so that it has selective grinding function.

  • 03

    When used for coarse grinding, the processing amount of rod mill is higher than that of the ball mill with the same specification.

  • 04

    The rod mill of our company is overflow discharge, and there are two series of dry and wet production.


ModelCylinder Diameter (mm)Cylinder Length (mm)Motor ModelMotor Power (kW)Motor Rotating Speed (r/min)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Capacity (t/h)Effective Volume (m³)Weight (kg)
MBY 09189001800Y225M-8227304980237020200.62~3.20.95700
MBY 09249002400Y250M-8307305670328020200.81~4.31.25880
MBY 122412002400Y280M-8457306450280025000.4~4.92.2812308
MBYg 153015003000JR117-8807257253307022802.4~7.5521210
MBYg 213021003000JR136-818073581224220307314~35942123.5
MBYg 213621003600JR137-821073589584320302543~6110.845800.5
MBYg 273627003600JR158-8380743107645750362032~8617.790441
MBY 274027004000TDMK400-32400187.5123005700470043~11020.475000
MBY 304030004000JR1510-857074098003900390054~1352690000
MBY 324532004500TDMK800-36800167146007000530064~18031113000
MBY 364536004500TDMK1250-401250150152008800680080~23041.8139000
MBY 365436005400TDMK1600-4016001501590088006800100~25049.7150000


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