Cement Clinker Grinding Plant


50 t/d-1500 t/d

【Main Materials】:


【Main Equipment】:

Vertical Roller Mill, Cement Ball Mill, Air Classifier

Serves And Solution

ZK Corp is the professional manufacturer of cement equipment, can offer complete solution for grinding station, and improves production efficiency, reduces power consumption and environmentally friendly.


1. High Efficiency

Cement grinding plant has high automation level, the operating process will adopt DCS central control system for adjustment, control and alarm in master control room, then the whole plant have less operator and also increase the working efficiency. The batching system have been adopt automatic quantitative feeding and measuring device, which have increase the material batching accuracy and also stablilizing the production’s quality.

2. Saving Energy

Adopting tube mill or vertical roller mill to producing qualify cement according to the raw material’s condition of clients. Producing system have adopt closed circuit to reduce the energy consumption of cement grinding. The single line scale can be from 15tpd to 1500tpd, which have been covered the cement factory’s different manufacture demand.

3. Environmental protection

Adoption of High efficiency air classifier and pulse type bag filter have created the circumstance for energy saving and energy consumption reduction.

4. High degree of automation  

There is no manual operation in the process of mill running, which realizes the automatic control with long-term, stable, effective, makes milling process more stable, realizes fine work of production.


After gypsum, clinker and limestone are measured by the belt weigher, they will be mixed together in accordance with particular proportions, and then sent to the stable weighing warehouse. During this process, magnetic metals are removed by the iron remover from these materials. Then mixed materials will be sent into the rolling machine to be crushed. After crushed, they will be sent to the powder separator, in which coarse powder will be sent back to the grinding mill while the fine one will be sent to the elevator for finished products. Finally, they will be sent to finished product storage. Meanwhile, dusty gas from the grinding mill will be purified by the environmental protection equipment before discharged into the atmosphere.


No.ItemUnitClosed circuit production
1Factory capacity×10³t/a100160250350500
2Main material usage      
3Energy consumption      
Fresh watert/a4000700090001200017000
4Layout transportation      
Land area1500018000200002200024000
5Project invest      
Production line total investTen    6001000150020002850
6Workers 3035353535
7Main equipment      
Ball mill Φ2.2×6.5mΦ2.4×11mΦ3×11mΦ3.2×13mΦ3.5×13m
Belt conveyor B500B650B650B800B1000
Mill outlet bucket elevator TH315TH400NE100NE150NE200
Air classifier NHX400NHX600NHX700NHX800NHX1000
   (Osepa   N250)(Osepa   N500)(Osepa   N750)(Osepa   N1000)(Osepa   N1500)
Bag filter PPC32-4PPC32-6PPC64-5PPC64-6PPC64-7
Finished production bucket elevator TH250TH315NE50NE100NE100
Screw conveyor LS400LS400LS500--
Packer Three   nozzleFour   nozzleSix   nozzleEight       nozzleEight   nozzle
Belt weigher B500×2000B650×2500B800×2500B800×2500B1000×3500

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