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Russian single-machine equipment for roller extrusion granulator

Russian single-machine equipment for roller extrusion granulator

I. Project overview:

Project address: Russia

Construction Unit: A company in Belgorod, Russia?

Equipment name: roller extrusion granulator

Production Capacity: 1 t/h

Scope of service: Equipment Supply

II. Project description:

This project is to granulate the sunflower shell ash produced by the boiler, and the capacity required by the customer is 1 t/h. According to the material characteristics provided by the customer, our company has carefully studied the technology and determined to adopt DG series double roller extrusion granulator. Based on years of production experience, our company develops and produces a new type of equipment based on the original twin-roll extrusion granulation. It can be widely applied to the fertilizer processing industry, feed production units and chemical industry for granulation, production and processing of powder materials.

At present, the equipment has been successfully operated on the owner's site, with the output reaching 1.5 t/h, exceeding the design capacity and meeting the owner's production requirements well.

III. Structure composition and characteristics

DG-1 double-roller extrusion granulator is made up of rack, transmission connecting part, head part, crushing studio, etc. The structural features of each part are as follows:

1. Rack: all workpieces of the machine are installed on the rack.

2. Transmission connection parts include: Motor, pulley, triangle belt, reducer, chain, sprocket and coupling.

3. Head part: including bearing frame, a pair of high-pressure die roll skins, two shafts, etc.

4. Crushing studio: it consists of crushing roller bearing frame, crushing roller, screen, etc.

The structure of this machine adopts granulation, molding and screening as a whole, which makes it have the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple operation and low energy consumption. The main parts, such as the roller body, are refined from a new type of metal with the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance. The adaptability of raw materials is wide. The machine can not only be used for granulation in fertilizer, feed and chemical industry, but also has good applicability to rare earth, metallurgy, coal, biological agents and environmental protection projects.


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