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Disc granulator PQ32 sent to Kazakhstan

Disc granulator PQ32 sent to Kazakhstan

Project background:

As a country rich in resources, the development of Kazakhstan's fertilizer industry is of great significance for ensuring national food security and promoting agricultural modernization.

Customer Requirements: 8TPH fertilizer granulation equipment

Raw materials: 15% copper hydroxide (concentrate) and 85% silicon oxide

Humidity: 0.1%

Feed particle size: less than 0.5mm

Required granularity of finished products: 10-20mm.


The design of disc granulator PQ32 fully considers the special requirements of chemical fertilizer granulation and has the following remarkable characteristics:

1. High efficiency: advanced granulation technology is adopted to ensure high output and good quality of finished products.

2. Energy conservation and environmental protection: low energy consumption and low emission in the production process, meeting international environmental protection standards.

3. Easy operation: humanized design makes operation and maintenance simple and easy.

4. Strong stability: the machine can maintain stable performance and reduce failure rate during long-term operation.

5. Customized service: provide personalized product configuration and technical support according to the specific needs of customers.


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