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Φ 1.6 × 6M GS Drum Screen for Petroleum Coke

Φ 1.6 × 6M GS Drum Screen for Petroleum Coke

Roller sieve is a kind of equipment which is widely used in sorting technology. It controls sorting by screening the size of material particles, and the sorting accuracy is relatively high. Drum sieve is a new generation of screening equipment, which is mainly composed of feeding port, motor, reducer, rack, drum device, sealing cover, Hopper, etc. It can be used in chemical industry, coking plant, mine, power plant, building materials, metallurgy and other industries.

This project adopts GS1660 model roller sieve to screen and grade petroleum coke. Our company mainly provides the installation and debugging of specially customized roller sieve equipment of this project, after-sales and other integrated technical services.

Screening material: Petroleum Coke

Production capacity: 15~18 t/h

Equipment Configuration: φ1.6 × 6M roller screen

Working principle of the equipment:

The roller device is obliquely installed on the rack. When the drum screen is working, the speed reducer of the transmission device drives the main shaft of the drum device through the coupling, so that the drum rotates and a screen is tightened on the outer ring of the drum; After the materials to be screened enter the drum from the feeding port, they move to the tail of the drum continuously as the drum rotates. The materials with smaller particle size are discharged through the sieve hole, and the materials with larger particle size reach the low end through.

Features of roller screen:

① it has strong processing ability, compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

② the motor and Reducer adopt triangle V-belt transmission, with simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, stable transmission, low noise and overload protection.

③ the box body is welded by profiles and steel plates, with good strength and convenient installation. And it is equipped with fully sealed shield, which can effectively prevent dust leakage. Each seal cover is equipped with overhaul door, which is convenient for observation and overhaul.

④, special screen is adopted, with high screening efficiency, easy replacement of screen and long service life.


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