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Φ 1.83 × 7m ball mill project for Iranian magnesium metal

I. Project Overview

Signing date: 2020-06-01

Processing materials: Dark White, ferrosilicon, fluorite powder

Processing Capacity: 7.52-10 t/h

Equipment Configuration: φ1.83 × 7m ball mill

This equipment is the matching equipment of grinding and ball pressing workshop of Iran's annual output of 6000 tons of magnesium metal factory, which is mainly used for grinding mixed materials of silicon White, ferrosilicon and fluorite powder. It has many advantages such as high working efficiency, low operating cost, stable mechanical performance, stable transmission, good product consistency, low product loss, easy replacement of wearing parts, low maintenance cost, etc.

II. Solution

Φ1.83 × 7m ball mill has the following characteristics:

1) reliable operation and stable operation. Ball mill has low failure rate and can operate continuously.

2) strong adaptability. Dry or wet operation can be carried out, and drying and grinding can also be combined.

3) Good sealing performance. Negative pressure operation can be carried out, and the work site is free of dust flying.

4) applicable to large-scale production. It is convenient for large-scale production and meets the needs of large-scale production of modern enterprises.

5) simple maintenance and management. The equipment has good wear resistance and low failure rate, which is convenient for maintenance and management.


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