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I.   Project Overview

Contract Date: First Quarter of 2021

Raw Material: Clinker, Gypsum, Fly Ash, Pozzolan

Capacity: 60TPH

Equipment Configuration: Vibrating Feeder, Impact Crusher, Belt Conveyor, Bag Filter, Bucket Elevator, Constant Feeder, Air Chute, Cement Mill, Air Classifier, Homogenization Cement Silo with discharge device, 8-sprouts Packing Machine, Jumbo Bag Packer, Valves, Air Compressor Station, Water Pump, Bridge Weigh, etc.

The construction of the Project aims to grind the raw materials into cement products according to their ratio requirements, and package them. The requirements of high environmental protection and high automation in the construction of this project ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

II. Project Process

In June 2019, due to market demand, A Cement Company in Southeast Asia planned to build its own Cement Grinding Plant, and contacted us by website. After multiple inspections and comparisons, the customer is very recognized and trusted the technical level, manufacturing capabilities & rich project experiences, and finally chose ZK Corp as the project Contractor. In early 2021, we signed the Contract of Design, Equipment Supply of 60tph Cement Grinding Plant. ZK Corp fully responsible for the production plan design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning supervision. It adopts pre-crushing and high-efficiency classifiers, and reasonable placement of bag filters at multiple feeding points. It has the characteristics of energy-saving, environmental-protection, and high-productivity.

III. Solutions

1) Before entering the mill, limestone, volcanic ash are pre-crushed with an impact crusher. The increased pre-crushing scheme is more energy-efficient than the single-ball mill system, that is, the material is pre-crushed to a suitable particle size before entering the ball mill, and the crushing function of the ball mill is shared, so that the ball mill is more focused on grinding. Facts have proved that compared with a single ball mill, this solution is more efficient, can greatly increase production capacity, save energy and reduce consumption.

2) The material grinding adopts the large-scale ball mill equipment with a cylinder diameter of 3.5 meters, which is a cement production grinding equipment with 60tph output capacity. The combined use of the ball mill and the crusher pre-crushing system can play the role of the ball mill. The front part of the mill is equipped with a small corrugated liner, and the rear part is equipped with a flat liner. It is suitable for cement fine grinding production with high output capacity and low energy consumption.

3) The O-Sepa high-efficiency air classifier and ball mill are formed a closed loop system. After separation, the fine powder is put into the warehouse as the finished product, and the coarse powder continues to be ground. Compared with centrifugal and air separators, this separator has the advantages of novel structure, small size, large processing capacity, clear classification mechanism, high powder selection efficiency, simple and convenient operation and small maintenance workload.

4) There are two steel bins for cement storage, a vibrating screen is set under the bins, and the weighbridge is set at the factory. A bottom unloading device is set under the silo to prevent the quality risk caused by cement agglomeration during the cement factory process, and a floor scale is set to facilitate cement loading control and sales measurement.

5) The pulse bag filter is used for multi-point dust collection, and the emission is less than 30mg/Nm3, avoiding the unorganized emission of dust and meeting environmental protection requirements.

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