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Malaysia Expansion Light Aggregate Production Line Project with Annual Output of 60,000m3
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Malaysia Expansion Light Aggregate Production Line Project with Annual Output of 60,000m3

Page description: In January 2019, Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. provided an annual production line of 60,000 cubic meters of shale and sludge ceramsite for the Malaysian JOE company, providing process design, plant planning, equipment supply, equipment installation and commissioning, after-sales training, etc. Integrated technical services, ceramsite products are used to manufacture wallboard materials, and a complete set of equipment will be manufactured and shipped in January 2021.

Date of signing: 2019-01-12

Processing materials: shale, sludge

Processing capacity: 60,000 m3/a

Equipment configuration: rotary kiln Ф2.5x40, 4 pusher vertical preheater, vertical cooler, hammer crusher PC400x300, wet ball mill Ф1200x3000, high-efficiency frequency conversion main motor (55KW), roller granulator, double-shaft mixer, Electric start kerosene machine (auxiliary transmission), 3 bulk machines, cyclone preheater, box feeder, bag filter, electrical control system

1. Project overview:

Lightweight ceramsite has the characteristics of low density, high strength, high water absorption, heat preservation, heat insulation, fire resistance, earthquake resistance, etc., and can be used as a light aggregate to replace ordinary sand and stone to prepare lightweight wallboard materials. In 2018, a lightweight ceramsite production line was built in the wallboard material project of Malaysia JOE Company. The products are used as raw materials for lightweight wallboards. In view of the high-quality equipment manufacturing quality and after-sales service of Henan Zheng Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. The customer recognized that the two parties signed a contract for the supply of all equipment for the entire production line in January 2019, and the equipment will be manufactured and shipped in January 2021.

The production line adopts the latest production technology and equipment for light-weight ceramsite production, equipped with vertical preheater and vertical cooler, to ensure stable and reliable operation of the system, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. Solution:

This ceramsite production line adopts the following solutions based on the preparation of traditional architectural ceramsite to meet customer technical needs:

1) Adopting a straight-tube type Ф2.5x40 rotary kiln and a vertical preheater matching program. The material drying and preheating of this program is carried out in the vertical preheater. The materials entering the kiln are heated to above 600℃, and the exhaust gas from the kiln is heated. It is fully recycled, which greatly saves fuel costs, and at the same time avoids the disadvantages of high manufacturing and installation costs for the ceramsite plug-in kiln.

2) The roller bearing of the rotary kiln adopts self-aligning rolling bearings. Compared with traditional sliding bearings, the sliding friction between the shaft and the bearing becomes rolling friction, which reduces power consumption and is easy to install and maintain; the main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation mode, which can be adjusted according to production It is necessary to complete the adjustment and control of the rotary kiln speed in real time, and the production control is simple and convenient and saves power consumption.

3) Compared with the single-tube rotary cooler, the vertical cooler has fewer rotating parts, is easy to maintain and saves the land occupation area. At the same time, during the cooling process of the ceramsite out of the kiln, the cold air blown by the blower is heated to above 700℃ and enters the kiln to support combustion, and the waste heat is recycled, which saves energy and reduces consumption.

4) The auxiliary drive of the rotary kiln adopts an electric starter kerosene machine, which can continue the kiln after the overall system power failure, ensuring that the kiln shell will not bend and deform in the hot state, and it also avoids the need for an emergency backup power supply part for the auxiliary drive of ordinary motors. High investment.

5) The raw materials are wet-grinded after being crushed by the hammer crusher to ensure the homogeneous mixing of materials and avoid the unorganized discharge of system dust; the filter bag of the kiln-end bag filter adopts film material to reduce system resistance and ensure dust collection efficiency, which is environmentally friendly Energy saving.


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