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LECA Rotary Kiln

【Model】: 1.6x32m-4.0x60m

【Capacity】: 0.8-105(t/h)

【Material】: Metallurgy, Power, Chemical

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LECA (Light Expanded Clay Aggregate)as a new environmental protection material is widely used in the constructionfield. It can be made of wallboard, brick and other new wallboard material. Italso can be used for insulation, floor, lightweight concrete, water treatmentand etc. Rotary kiln is the key equipment in the LECA production. Theperformance will effect the final LECA quality and production cost directly.

1.Rotary Kiln can be divided into two parts: Drying Kiln and Burning Kiln.

2.The overall part is insert type layout. There is a connecting hopper in connection part. It is easy for maintenance.
3.It has the separated drive system. It is easy to control the separated rotation speed.


1. Rotary kiln drive adopts frequencyconversion speed adjustment. High efficient and low power consumption.

2 .Low unit product fuel energyconsumption.

3. Minus pressure operation and lowpowder dust pollution;

4. Simple process flow chart.Complete drying, granulating, burning simultaneously.

5. Compact layout, light systemequipment weight and low investment.


Model Capacity(t/h) Number of supporting Reducer Electric motor Power (kW)
Ø2.2×45m 3.5 3 Groups ZS125-5 YVF2-225M-4 45
Ø2.5×50m 5 3 Groups ZS145-5 YVF2-250M-4 55
Ø2.8×50m 8.5 3 Groups ZS165-6 YVF2-280S-4 75
Ø3.0×55m 11 3 Groups ZS165-3 YVF2-280M-4 90
Ø3.2×60m 15 3 Groups ZL130-16 YVF2-315L2-6 132
Ø3.6×64m 20 3 Groups ZSY560-63 YVF2-355M1-6 160
Ø3.8×70m 26 3 Groups ZSY560-63 YVF2-355M4-6 200

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