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Nanyang Yu Zhixing ceramsite limited company sludge ceramsite production line project

I. Project Overview

Project address: Henan Xinye county in Nanyang

Product Name: ceramsite production line

Production scale: the production 100,000 square sludge ceramsite production line project

II. Brief introduction of construction unit

Nanyang city yu zhi xing ceramsite Co., Ltd is traditional ceramsite production enterprises when one, original line capacity small, fuel consumption high, company Tower Li, Yang in enterprise benign development, industrial policy, and can local solve part of the solid waste use ideas, in 2019 nian second half start production line of technical modification preparatory work, traditional clay ceramsite production line technical transformation to use the ground construction waste, municipal sludge as raw material firing new building materials ceramsite products, and 2020 nian made technical transformation EIA approval.

Nanyang yu zhi xing ceramsite limited company in 2019 nian to 2020 nian doing technical approval meanwhile, are also ceramsite production equipment manufacturers investigated, the company has abundant equipment use experience equipment with more comprehensive cognitive, pass a year and a half of investigation and comparison, is not eventually selector low supplier, select and zheng kuang machine cooperation, the owners that: zheng kuang in solid waste resource utilization firing ceramsite production line on have a deeper technical precipitation, equipment in to plant inspection after satisfactory, with other manufacturers compared material selection more rigorous, equipment processing Management Specification, first saw equipment comparison pi shi, again through field research and research, with the first judge no gap, the final choice for your company manufacturers cooperation.

Both sides long time communication and site visit, zheng kuang machine with Nanyang City yu zhi xing, from raw material ingredients, mixing, granulation, calcination and cooling equipment supply, equipment installation debugging and complete line raw materials pretreatment system, mixing aging system, granulation calcination cooling system, environmental dust collecting system electrical automation control system process design, etc. integrated technical services.

This set of production line in after production reached customer expectations, main kiln-type for: φ1.6 x 28+φ2 X 20m mating kiln, now born on yield up to 290 ~ 300m ³, is now stable operation, achieve raw materials with disposal charges, ceramsite yield ultra-expected, while welcome province with solid waste disposal of with the company butt.

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