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Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai stainless steel double roller granulator project

I. Project Overview

Project address: Wuzhou, Guangxi

Product Name: GL1000 × 900 double roller granulator

Production scale: annual output of 100,000 cubic meters pickling sludge ceramsite production line supporting granulator project

II. Brief introduction of construction unit

Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. is located in the east of Guangxi, which is the closest city to Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao among the 12 provinces of western development in China. The business scope of the company is: steel and iron smelting; Ferrous metal casting; Metal material manufacturing; Metal material sales; Steel rolling processing; Solid waste treatment.

Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. signed a complete set of equipment of ceramsite production line with Zheng Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2020. With the joint efforts of both parties, it reached the customer's expectation after being put into production, solved the resource disposal of pickling sludge generated in the stainless steel production process, ensured the stable operation of the customer's upstream stainless steel production line, and reached the disposal route of solid waste not leaving the factory and solid waste resource utilization in the factory.

This additional purchase of GL1000 × 900 double-roller granulator is mainly used for pelletizing of aged young ceramsite mixed with pickling mud, muck and gas ash to achieve the purpose of production improvement. The pelletizer has good granulation property, high granulation strength, compact structure, stable operation, reliable performance, convenient maintenance and high output. The single equipment capacity can reach 10~15 t/h, which is the largest capacity of single pelletizing equipment in the current ceramsite industry. It is the industry accumulation of Zheng mining machine for many years and developed by professional design team, providing technology and equipment support for the high-yield development of the ceramsite industry.

ZK CORP actively solves the customer's demand in the first time when it receives the customer's demand. It is urgent for the customer and thinks what the customer wants. It selects the optimal processing method according to the actual situation of the customer, provides the equipment type and material for the customer to choose, gives the customer detailed quotation, and actively puts it into production in the first time when the equipment is finalized, without delaying the production and sales of the customer. Customers from all over the country are!

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