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Briquetting Workshop For Magnesium production with pidgeon process technology

Calcined dolomite is transferred to the elevated bunker by conveyor; outsourcing ferrosilicon, crushed by jaw crusher, is fed into Fe-Si mill to crush the particle size less than 6mm fine, and then fine ferrosilicon is sent by to the ferrosilicon elevation bunker by bucket elevator; outsourcing fluorite powder is put into the fluorite powder elevated bunker. These three kinds of materials enter the automatic proportioning processthrough elevated bunker. Automatic continuous electronic weigher under the elevated bunker would automatic batch those materials, according to ratio of reactants (calcined dolomite: ferrosilicon: fluorite =100:20.8:2.8). After proportioning process, the mixture would enter the ball mill continuously. These materials finish grinding and mixing completely into smaller than 100 mesh granularity mixture. And then the mixture is transported out by scraper conveyor and bucket elevator to the buffer storage; out of the buffer storage, the mixture is sent by the screw conveyor to the Briquetter made in pellet. Then pellets are gathering into the belt for packaging. The material from Briquetter screening would feedback though scraper conveyor and bucket elevator to the buffer storage for recycling.

Jaw crusher

① Dimension:1033x1016x1140mm

② Model:PE250x400

③ Inlet size:400x250mm

④ Input size:≤210mm

⑤ Capacity:10m3/h

⑥ Motor power:15kw

Fe-Si kneading mill

① Dimension:3575x2220x1514mm

② Rotor diameter:1600mm

③ Input size:30-80mm

④ Output size:5-10mm

⑤ Capacity:7-11t/h

⑥ Motor power:22kW

Ball mill

① Dimension:18750x5350x4400mm

② Model:Φ2400x8000mm

③ Type: dry process with grate

④ Effective volume:32.4m3

⑤ Grinding media filling rate:﹤27%

⑥ Rotation speed:20.4rpm.

⑦ Max. ball charge:40t

⑧ Power:35.4kW(400v)、570kW(10kv)


① Dimension:3845x3110x3200mm

② Model:LYQ5.0

③ Capacity:5t/h

④ Roller diameter:Φ700mm

⑤ Roller width:225mm

⑥ Briquette size:32x25x14mm

⑦ Power:110.55kW

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