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Rubber Liners Related to Wet Method of Ball Mill

Some clients are confused with wet method and dry method for ball mill operation. For literal meaning, wet method refer to grinding with water, while dry method is only stone collision with each other. Why rubber liner are more suitable to wet method ball mill. Now let us talk about its features firstly.

1.More easily to grind with high fineness.

The unsaturated bond on Ceramic material particles happens reversible reaction, leading to crack formation and expansion, which make grinding more easily.

2.Fine particles materials will be grind more easily.

For light weight reason, fine particles usually suspend above the water, which cause less buffer action to fine grinding process, then will be grinded more easily.

3.Shorter time it takes.

With the water exist, the steel balls will not be adhere by raw materials so much, then the grinding speed will be improved and grinding time will be shorter. It shows higher efficiency than Dry method.

4.More homogenous slurry

Under wet method grinding craft, energy-saving ball mill can mix lean material with elasticity material effectively, it can acquire well-distribution slurry through short time operation. Especially the particle are mainly round shape, not flap, which can help slurry fast flowing.

5.Lighter shock on shell lining

Wet type energy-saving ball mill usually operates revolving with 60% critical speed of revolution, which happens less shock by steel ball on shell liner, prolong the inner liners’ lifetime.

Based on above several point, you should know why wet method grinding craft is more suitable to adopt rubber material for liners, while steel materials are more suitable to Dry method grinding craft. Additional, the rubber liner are more suit to secondary grinding in the plant. So many ball mill which owns single bin are not suitable to rubber liner. On this situation, we can use rubber liner on both end of the mill, while the shell section are not suitable. Only in secondary grinding mill we can fully adopts rubber liners. Of course there are many other factors, you can find our engineer for deep consultant according to own usage.

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