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Equipment Installation Foundation Acceptance and Marking

One. Foundation Acceptance

1. Before the equipment is installed, the equipment foundation must be checked and accepted against the civil engineering drawings, installation drawings and the actual size of the equipment to confirm whether there are any problems with the equipment foundation, so that the foundation problems can be dealt with in advance, and the quality and progress of the installation can be guaranteed.

2. The content of equipment basic acceptance work includes the following items:

2.1 Check whether the center line and elevation point provided by the civil engineering unit are correct.

2.2 Check the basic dimensions, basic elevation dimensions, geometric dimensions and mutual position dimensions of the foundation holes against the equipment and process drawings.

3. The basis for submitting installation equipment must meet the following requirements:

3.1 In order to combine the two grouting closely, the foundation surface must be chiseled.

3.2 All leftover templates and steel bars exposed outside the concrete must be removed, and all the scraps, dirt, and water in the equipment installation site and anchor holes must be removed.

3.3 The surrounding of the foundation must be filled and compacted.

4. The basic acceptance method should meet the following requirements:

4.1 The foundation acceptance should be carried out jointly by the construction unit and the civil engineering unit and the installation unit.

4.2 The civil engineering unit shall provide the technical data and the concrete number of the deviation of each part of the equipment foundation.

4.3 For major equipment foundations, civil engineering units shall provide settlement observation points to installation units and construction units.

Two. Basic Marking

1. Unless otherwise specified for the basic marking of equipment such as kilns and mills, the basic marking of general equipment shall be carried out in accordance with the following regulations:

1.1 Determine the basic vertical and horizontal centerline:

1.1.1 The stand-alone equipment should be based on the center line of the main column base of the building structure and the coordinate position of the design drawing. Use a steel pan rule or theodolite to measure the base center line of the equipment, and fix the vertical and horizontal center lines on the center target plate or use ink lines Plan on the basis.

1.1.2 For equipment related to other equipment, the centerline position of the equipment should be determined according to the vertical and horizontal centerline of other equipment that has been installed, and the coordinate position size of the design drawing should be referred to

1.1.3 If the foundation of the equipment is composed of multiple groups of foundations, first determine the center positions of the foundations at both ends, and then determine the center lines of the foundations in the middle according to the center positions of both ends, so that the longitudinal center lines are on a straight line. The steel disc ruler measured by the horizontal centerline should be tensioned by a spring balance, and the tension should be 5-8N/m.

1.1.4 For the same foundation and the same group of equipment, the centerline of its auxiliary equipment should be determined according to the centerline of the host.

1.2 Measuring elevation:

1.2.1 According to the baseline in the workshop and the design drawings, use a level to measure the foundation elevation.

1.2.2 The elevation of accessory equipment should be determined according to the elevation of the host, and the elevation of equipment associated with other equipment should be determined according to the elevation of other equipment that has been installed.

2. Quality requirements for basic marking:

2.1. On the basis of the same centerline, the deviation of the center points on each center target plate should not be greater than ±0.5mm.

2.2 The deviation of the basic center line from the position specified by the design and the equipment not related to other equipment should not be greater than ±10mm; the deviation of equipment related to other equipment should not be greater than ±2mm.

2.3 When marking the basic line, the width of the ink line shall not be greater than 1.5mm.

2.4 In the case of multiple groups of foundations, the deviation of the center distance of each foundation should not be greater than ±2mm, the horizontal center lines should be parallel to each other, and the deviation should not be greater than ±0.5mm.

2.5 The center distance deviation of the same equipment in the array should not be greater than ±5mm.

2.6 The deviation between the elevation of the baseline and the permanent elevation should not be greater than ±3mm.

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