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The types of coal mill

The types of coal mill

Coal pulverizer, as its name implies, is akind of equipment and machinery that is produced according to the research anddevelopment of coal. The role of coal pulverizer is to crush and grind the coallumps into pulverized coal. The pulverizing process of coal mill is mainlycrushing, grind, but not all of these three processes, some of the coal millwith two of them, some coal mill will have the whole process, but differenttypes of coal mill that kind of process as primary and secondary, by thecharacteristics of the coal mill to set. Coal mill is divided into three types:

First, low speed coal mill

Low-speed coal mill is mainly drum steelball mill, referred to as steel ball mill or ball mill. Its shape is a wholecan rotate cylinder, speed is usually 15-25 revolutions per minute. When thelow-speed coal mill is running, the steel balls in the barrel will continuouslyhit and crush the coal lumps, turning the coal into a powder form from lumps.Low-speed coal mill overall shape is relatively large, high power consumption,power consumption is also higher, the noise is relatively large, but can beapplied to a variety of types of coal, especially for processing hardanthracite.

Second, medium speed coal mill

Medium-speed coal mill body speed of 50-300rpm per minute, the type of low-speed coal mill to be more common are flat discmill, bowl mill, E-mill and roll mill and so on. Medium-speed coal millbuilt-in two groups of mill body, when the coal into the cylinder body, the twogroups of mill body surface by squeezing and grinding, so as to achieve thepurpose of crushing. Medium-speed coal mill equipment is relatively compact,small footprint, power consumption, low noise, easier operation control, etc.,is not suitable for processing harder coal texture.

Third, high-speed coal mill

High-speed coal mill swivel speed of500-1500 rpm per minute, common, fan and hammer mill. The high-speed coal millis composed of a high-speed rotor and a grinding shell. When the high-speedcoal mill is running, the coal block is hit by a high-speed rotor while beinghit by a high-speed rotor to the grinding shell and a second collision occurswith the grinding shell. So as to achieve the purpose of milling. The overallstructure of high-speed coal mill is simple and the initial investment fundsare small. It is especially suitable for grinding high moisture lignite andbituminous coal with high volatility and easy grinding, but it is not suitablefor grinding hard coal.

The above three kinds of coal mill, eachhave their own advantages, but also have their own disadvantages, low-speedcoal mill has the other two are not applicable, that is, the hard texture ofcoal can be processed. And like medium-speed, high-speed coal mill andlow-speed coal mill higher efficiency, higher yield, the quality of flour tothe highest level. Therefore, the zk corp in this proposal to customers,according to their own actual situation to choose their own production tools,do not follow the crowd, so as not to spend unnecessary cost of funds.

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