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Clay ceramsite production process and related parameters

Clay ceramsite production process and related parameters

Clay ceramsite is a kind of artificial lightweight aggregate which is made of clay with suitable composition as raw material. When the composition is not suitable, it needs to add some othermaterials, processed into granules and swelled at high temperature in rotarykiln. The clay ceramsite has the characteristics of light weight, highstrength, heat preservation and heat insulation, high seismic and compressivestrength, non-toxic, no radioactive side effects, environmental protection andenergy saving, and strong construction adaptability.

Stacking, crushing, granulating

After the clay is sent to the factory bythe car, it is stored in the shed. The general storage capacity is about 30days. The clay has a particle size of about 100~200mm, and is sent to the siloby the forklift. It is sent to the roller crusher by the box feeder under thebin. After being crushed, it is sent to the twin-shaft mixer through the beltconveyor for forced mixing and stirring. The particle size becomes smaller andthe ingredients are uniform, and then it is subjected to extrusion granulation bya roll granulator.

Shaping, roasting, dusting

The granular pellets from the granulatorare sent to the shaping and screening machine by the belt conveyor. Afterrounding, the small particles are sieved out, and the qualified pellets aresent to the twin-tube rotary kiln for preheating and roasting. . After thefired ceramsite products are cooled in the cooling machine, they are dividedinto different sizes of finished products by rotary screens, which are storedin the storage yard and shipped to the market after being bagged. The naturalair cooled by the ceramsite in the cooler is heated to form a high-temperaturesecondary air, which enters the rotary kiln to assist combustion, therebysaving fuel. The fuel is fed into the rotary kiln by a high left fan through amulti-channel burner. The dusty high-temperature flue gas of the iris entersthe air cooler to cool down, and then enters the bag dust collector to purifyand empty.

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