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Material feed size and ball mill relationship

Material feed size and ball mill relationship

The efficiency of the ball mill has a greatimpact on the operating efficiency of the entire concentrator. Whether the grinding particle size is qualified directly affects the subsequentbeneficiation operation, and the grinding particle size is closely related tothe feed particle size. This is the relationship between the feed size and theball mill.

It should be noted that when the grindingproduct requires roughing, the grinding productivity is significantly changedwith the feed size, and when the grinding product requires fine machining, thegrinding productivity is not significantly changed with the feed size.

When the feed particle size is small, thefineness of grinding is easily achieved. However, fineness and productivity arecontradictory. At the same feed particle size, as the fineness of the milledproduct increases, the grinding productivity decreases. The higher therequirements for grinding products, the lower the productivity. However, duringthe rough grinding process, the change in the fineness of the grinding producthas less effect on the grinding productivity than the fine grinding.

In summary, in actual production, eachconcentrator should find the most suitable grinding feed particle sizeaccording to the scale of the concentrator and the nature of the ore. Pleasecontact Mobile/whatsapp number: +86-18937185591.

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