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Slag ball mill manufacturers recommended

Slag ball mill manufacturers recommended

After being pulverized by a ball mill, theslag is an active mixed material of cement. After being mixed with cement, itcan improve the mechanical properties of the cement and bring rich benefits tothe cement plant. In addition, the slag can be refined and processed into slagpowder and slag powder. Slag Portland cement, slag wool, blast furnace slag,etc. The slag ball mill will use the slag ball mill. Here we introduce theprice of the slag ball mill and recommend a good Shandong slag ball millmanufacturer – Zk corp.

Slag ball mill price

The price of slag ball mill is affected bythe size of the ball mill. According to the model of the ball mill, thespecifications of the equipment are different. The price of a small slag ballmill is more than 100,000, which is not very expensive. The large one is muchmore expensive. The customer chooses according to his own needs. .

Our company actively responds to the callof national energy saving and consumption reduction. When setting the price ofslag ball mill, it also fully considers the demand of energy-saving ball mill.The equipment is equipped with rolling bearing instead of sliding bearing,which solves the slow start of traditional ball mill, low energy consumptionand production efficiency. Low-level problems, the use of rolling bearings is morethan 20% energy saving for slag ball mills. At the same time, the lining plateadopts wave-wearing rubber lining to protect the barrel of the ball mill,enhance the grinding effect, enhance the ore, reduce energy consumption, andextend the ball mill. Life, noise reduction, and dust pollution reduction.

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