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Nissan 500 tons ball mill price and model

Nissan 500 tons ball mill price and model

Many customers choose the ball mill model according to the output of the ball mill. After all, it is a good choice tomeet their own needs, so the choice according to the processing volume isnaturally a quick and accurate selection method! Then, if your processingvolume is 500 tons per day, which ball mill models are suitable for you? Theprice is not expensive? Here we will give you a breakdown of the price andmodel of the 500-ton ball mill.

Nissan 500 tons ball mill model

There are more than one type of Nissan500-ton ball mill. We calculate it by working 8 hours a day. The Nissan 500-tonball mill produced by ZK CORP includes four cylinder diameters of 2.4 meters,2.7 meters, 2.8 meters and 3.2 meters. Five models of ball mills. Since thesefive models can meet the conditions of 500 tons per day, how do you choose aball mill that suits your production needs?

1, see the grinding fineness

In addition to the production to meet thedemand, you should also consider the grinding fineness when selecting the ballmill, which involves the length of the barrel of the ball mill, highrequirements on the fineness of the grinding, fine grain size, and long lengthof the cylinder. The discharge size is coarse, and the length of the selectedcylinder is shorter;

2. Look at the size

At the beginning of the design of theplant, the space for each type of equipment will be reserved. When selectingthe model of the ball mill, look at the size of the equipment according to theparameter table, and consider the size of the reserved space;

3. See the weight

Some factories have stricter requirementson the weight of the equipment, so the weight should be taken into account whenselecting the ball mill to ensure that the weight is within a reasonable range;

4. Look at the volume and the amount ofball loading

The volume and ball loading of the ballmill also affect the output. The volume and ball loading are usually listed inthe equipment parameter table and can be used as reference values.

5. See the price

Dimensions, weight and volume are in linewith the requirements, look at the price of the ball mill, the comparison ofthe three selected cost-effective, of course, also to check the after-salesservice of the ball mill manufacturers, in order to avoid problems in the lateequipment

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