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1.2m ball mill machine

1.2m ball mill machine

The 1.2 m ball mill is a general term for a 1.2 m diameter ball mill. The 1.2 m ball mill belongs to a small ball mill. Itsoutput can meet the needs of small mills. Although the cylinder diameter is 1.2m, the length of the different cylinders is difference, here are a fewdifferent models of the 1.2 m ball mill, as well as the ball load of the 1.2 mball mill.

What are the 1.2m ball mill models?

We know that ball mills can be divided intogrid type and overflow type according to the method of discharging. In recentyears, energy-saving ball mills have gradually become the hottest models on themarket, so we will introduce you to the energy-saving 1.2m ball mill modelhere.

Lattice type

There are two kinds of cylinder lengths ofthe grid type ball mill with a diameter of 1.2m, which are 1.2 m / 2.4 mrespectively. The lattice type ball mill produces less grinding phenomenon,usually in a section of grinding or for grinding grain size. The coarser ore iswidely used. Since the overall volume of the equipment is not very large, thejacking device can be used for easy maintenance.

Overflow type

The overflow ball mill with a cylinderdiameter of 1.2m has a cylinder length of 1.2 m and 2.4 m. The overflow ballmill is mostly used for two-stage grinding or for grinding ore fine-grainedore. The overflow ball mill requires a long barrel length, which can increasethe residence time of the mineral in the cylinder and make the finished productfiner.


The energy-saving 1.2m ball mill isequipped with three types of barrel lengths, in addition to the above mentioned1.2 m, 2.4 m, and a 1240 type, that is, a ball mill with a cylinder length of 4m. The output of the energy-saving 1.2 m ball mill is between 0.17~8.3t/h, itcan meet the needs of most small-scale factories. It is a very optimistic modelfor many customers.

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