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Disc ball press machine

Disc ball press machine

The disc type ball press machine is dividedinto a non-powered scraper disc type ball forming machine (PQW) and a powerscraper disc type ball forming machine (PQ). The utility model has theadvantages of simple structure, convenient operation, easy control of watercontent of the ball, and high strength of the ball produced. The ball-makingdisc adopts the integral structure, and the bottom of the disc is reinforced bya plurality of radiant steel plates, which is sturdy and durable; the reducerand the motor are driven by a flexible belt, and the starting is stable, theimpact force of the equipment is reduced, and the service life of the equipmentis improved.

Outstanding advantages

1. The structure is novel, the weight islight, the height is low, and the process arrangement is flexible andconvenient;

2. The adjustment of the inclination of theball into the ball is convenient;

3. The ball-making disc consists of thedisc body and the disc section. The disc section can be adjusted up and downalong the disc body, and the end of the disc section is a side flange to ensurethat the material ball is not pulled or torn when it is discharged;

4. After the frame is welded and the stressis relieved, the mating surface is formed and formed on the boring and millingmachine at one time to ensure higher assembly precision and smoother operation;

5. The scraper device consisting of theunpowered combination scraper and the clear scraper is used to match theoptimized ball-forming disc at the same time of clearing the bottom andclearing the edge, so that the ball-forming effect is better.

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