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Ceramsite sand rotary kiln dust collector selection

Ceramsite sand rotary kiln dust collector selection

There are mainly TSP in the exhaust gas ofceramsite sand rotary kiln, the temperature is 150200°C, nomoisture, the dust concentration is 2030g/Nm3, theparticles are coarse, basically no S02, NOx, due to the low concentration, theparticles are coarse, adopting. The electrostatic precipitator can also bedischarged to the standard for long-term stability, and there is no case ofpowering off the dust collector in the kiln, and the operating cost is lowerthan that of the bag filter. However, the dust is higher than the resistance,and the working voltage is higher, the dust removal efficiency can be ensured,and the water spray quenching and tempering effect in the grate cooler is better.

If the dust discharge is further reduced,the bag filter accessories are prepared, and the maintenance is convenient,etc., it is more suitable to use the bag filter. However, in order to preventthe change of the working condition, the temperature of the exhaust gas mayburn out the bag, and an air cooler is generally required.

Analysis of the rationality of cement kilndust collector selection from the perspective of environmental impact

From the perspective of environmentalimpact, the rationality of cement kiln dust collector selection is closelyrelated to pollutant discharge, local atmospheric environmental capacity,environmental standards and climatic conditions.

For the ceramsite sand kiln head, the bagand the electrostatic precipitator have better dust removal effect, no abnormaldischarge occurs, and the impact on the environment is similar, which can beselected according to the operating cost, spare parts preparation, convenientmaintenance, and so on device.

In summary, the ceramsite sand rotary kilnhas high dust removal efficiency due to the high dust removal efficiency of thebag filter, and the TSP and S02 emissions are less than that of theelectrostatic precipitator, especially the abnormal discharge of the dustcollector. The occurrence of the environment has little impact on theenvironment. Although the maintenance and operation costs are high, from theperspective of environmental impact, it is reasonable to use a bag filter atthe kiln end. Moreover, many cement plants have already installed the kiln tailelectrostatic precipitator. Change to the bag filter, and change the bag filterto less than the electrostatic precipitator. It is also reasonable to use anelectrostatic precipitator for the kiln dust collector. Of course, from theperspective of environmental impact, it is more reasonable to use a bag filter.

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