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How to Repair the Ball Mill Liner

How to Repair the Ball Mill Liner

Whether wear-resistant steel ball or liner, but all wear-resistant materials are worn and corrosion. As the ball mill equipment grinding media impact, grinding, sliding, rolling and rebound movement, and the abrasion of abrasive material, lining will produce wear and tear.

Serious wear and tear on the liner should be promptly replaced, there is no need to repair. Only in the lack of lining spare parts, wear less serious case of lining repair welding method.

1. Disassemble the liner, and clean the liner surface until exposed bright metal so far;

2. In the liner bolt hole into the graphite plug, in order to ensure that after the welding bolt hole will not become smaller, easy to liner fixed;

3. To be repaired plate on the construction site of the surfacing construction stage, as far as possible horizontal placement, the liner face up;

4. Surfacing electrode: If tdmn (180) or tdcrmn (220), low hydrogen type electrode;

5. Trim the work surface, remove welding debris and other debris around the liner and so on. Surfacing available manual arc, the best by the high level of technology, skilled operators for welding;

6. Surfacing process first surfacing steel surfacing layer, and then build-up welding surfacing layer, the last surfacing wear-resistant alloy surfacing layer, this multi-layer surfacing method can be used to repair non-alloy conical ball mill liner. Grinding head liner and other parts. Surfacing is divided into many narrow sections, layered surfacing in order. When the last surfacing according to the lining of the original design of the work surface shape (such as ladder-shaped, wavy lining, etc.), be sure to smooth formation, as much as possible to reduce the amount of dressing.

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