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1.5mx5.7m slag ball mill parameters

1.5mx5.7m slag ball mill parameters

The slag raw material is ground into aspecified particle size in the slag ball mill equipment due to the impact ofthe grinding machine on its impact collision and grinding, but the grindingprocess of the slag raw material in the slag ball mill cylinder is verycomplicated, if a single material particle As a research object, during thegrinding and crushing process of the slag ball mill, it may repeatedly receivethe impact of the impact collision stress and the grinding and pressing stress,so that there may be or newly formed cracks on the surface of the materialparticles, thereby forcing The material is plastically deformed or broken.

1.5mx5.7m slag ball mill parameters

Specification model: diameter 1.5mx 5.7m, cylinderspeed 28r/min, ball loading 12t feeding size 25mm dischargeparticle size 0.074-0.4mm, output 3.5t/h - 6t/h, motor power 130kw, totalweight 25.8 t

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