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Cement Rotary Kiln Temperature Control Analysis

Cement Rotary Kiln Temperature Control Analysis

Rotary kiln is currently the most used cement rotary kiln and limerotary kiln, today ZK CORP to explain is about cement kiln temperature kilnproblems, why do we have to explain the temperature problem, because thetemperature control for the use of rotary kiln it also has a certain influence.

Cement rotary kiln firing zone is the highest temperature reactionzone, high temperature flame temperature, the temperature of the heated cementmaterial, furnace lining temperature in between, at such high temperatures, theradiation intensity of the material is very large, light i It occupies thevisible light range and the low end of the near infrared. Flame luminescence ismainly caused by the complete combustion of dihydrocarbons in the flame at theend of combustion, and the formation of a continuous burning of the decomposingparticles at high temperatures. The burning particles emit continuous light inthe visible and infrared IK regions. The radiant energy is carbon dioxide. Theradiant energy of triatomic gases, such as water vapor, is 2-3 times higher.Therefore, the particle radiation in the flame accounts for the superiorposition of the flame radiation and can be approximated as a gray bodytreatment.

The monitoring of the flamed material and temperature of thecement rotary kiln are completely different from those of the pulverized coalflame monitoring and temperature field measurement. On the one hand, themeasured parameters of the cement rotary belt kiln firing belt are more, morecomplex, and most important. The parameters are the temperature of thematerial, followed by the flame shape, size, position, temperature, and furnacelining temperature and condition. On the other hand, the rotary kiln is alwaysin rotation, and the particularity of the process restricts the installationposition of the camera. Can only be placed in the kiln to see the fire hole inthe only position, to bring great difficulties and inconvenience to themeasurement, can only obtain the projected object temperature field projectionand can not get multiple projections from multiple angles, multiple positions,especially Between the camera and the measured object. In the imaging process,strong interference signals from the dust from the secondary wind areconstantly being applied, making the imaging often in a fuzzy and abnormalstate.

I hope everyone will have an understanding of it. Only in this waycan we make our rotary kiln faster and we can also vigorously promote theeconomic development of our country. Henan ZK CORP is a manufacturerspecializing in the production of rotary kiln. If you have more information youwant to know, you can consult our online customer service at any time.

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