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Standard Operation Analysis of Circular Vibrating Screen

Standard Operation Analysis of Circular Vibrating Screen

The circular vibrating screen is mainly a screening device that moves in a circular trajectory and is widely used in the mining industry in China. Which aspects of the circular vibrating screen shouldbe used in the normal operation of the vibrating screen? This article ZK CORPwill come to you for analysis.

1. When the exciter rotates in the directionof the material flow, increasing the material running speed can increase theproduction capacity, but the screening efficiency decreases. When the exciterrotates in the reverse direction of the material flow, the material operationspeed is reduced, the production capacity is reduced, and the screening isperformed to raise efficiency.

2. The vibrating screen should be startedunder no load. After the vibrating screen runs smoothly, it can start feeding.Before stopping the vibrating screen, stop feeding the material. Wait until thematerials on the screen are drained and then stop.

3. Ensure the clearance between all movingparts and fixtures.

4. The feeding trough should be as close tothe feeding end as possible, and distribute the material along the full widthof the sieve as much as possible, and the direction of the feeding trough isthe same as the direction of the material running on the screen surface, so asto obtain an ideal screening effect. The difference between the feeding pointand the screen surface is not more than 500mm, ensuring that the impact of thematerial on the screen surface is small.

5. Check the tightening degree of all thebolts and re-tighten it after 8 hours of initial work.

6. Before the vibrator shaker is driven, theoperator shall check the oil level on both sides of the vibrating screen at thesame time. If the oil level is too high, the exciter temperature will rise orthe operation will be difficult. If the oil level is too low, the bearing willbe damaged prematurely.

The above is the common characteristics ofthe shaker. Users must pay attention to the above points when operating. Topromote the standard operation of the vibrating screen can improve theproduction efficiency of the effective machine and allow the effect of thevibrating screen to be fully utilized.

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