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Lab ball mill and jaw crusher to Philippine

Lab ball mill and jaw crusher to Philippine

1.Project Overview

Project address: Philippines

Product name: Lab ball mill and jaw crusher

Raw material: all kinds of stone

Capacity: 15—20kgs each time

2.Project Description

Founded in 1942, as the leader in admixtures for construction materials in Philippines, the customer consulted ball mill, and after communicating, it was found that the maximum feed particle size of the customer's raw materials is 50-70mm, and the material particle size that can enter the ball mill for grinding is required to be below 25mm. Therefore, we suggest that customers first crush the raw materials with jaw crusher to below 25mm, and then enter a ball mill for grinding. For the lab ball mill, the customer requires a production capacity of 50-70kg per time and a discharge fineness of 325 mesh. So, consider about all the factors, we choose jaw crusher PE150 × 250 and lab ball mill 300 × 300. Our professionalism and attention to detail was recognized and trusted by the customer.


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