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Ceramsite sand - Oil Fracturing Proppant Finished Product

【Model】: Low Density Proppant, Medium Density Proppant, Ultra Low Density Proppant, High Density Proppant

【Capacity】: Annual output 200000 tons

【Material】: Bauxite,slag,added with manganese powder, binder etc.

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The R&D Centre has advanced testing equipment, which has many full-time and part-time material subject professors, experts, graduates, bachelor degrees, etc., a total of 12 scientific research and service personnel, professional engaged in research and development of conventional and unconventional oil and gas fracturing proppants. Low density proppants has been successfully developed in 2013, and won the national patent; the product was widely used by domestic and foreign shale oil and gas. The technology of ultra low density proppants by water fracturing is under experimental demonstration. The R&D centre has developed more than 10 types of ceramic proppants and a number of patents are declaring to authorization, research and development into the harvest period.

After bauxite is crushed and grinded, the slag is obtained and then conveyed to batching station. Added with manganese powder, binder etc,
the mixing material are conveyed to granulating system and then granulated to qualified particle sizes. After that, the materials have to be
processed by the drying system, rotary kiln calcination system and rotary cooling system. Finally, the qualified fracture proppants are obtained.


The company has 5 production lines, used of international ceramic industry' s most advanced process, technology and production equipment, has the ability to produce various high- quality ceramic proppants.

The main equipment and facilities include: an annual output 200000 tons of superfine grinding equipment, powder fineness can reach 500-1500 mesh; advanced, efficient, environmental protection granulator; a super large Φ3.5x60m rotary kiln with annual output of 100000tons; four Φ2.5 x 30m rotary kiln with annual output of 30000tons; reserves of 50000 tons raw material and finished product steel bin.


Types: Low Density Proppant, Medium Density Proppant, Ultra Low Density Proppant, High Density Proppant

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