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Several types of ball mill feeders

Several types of ball mill feeders

There are several types of ball mill feeders, the following is for you:

Ball mill feeder type

1. Slip tube feeding

The material passes through a slip tube (orfeed funnel) into a conical sleeve located inside the hollow journal of theball mill and slides into the mill itself along the rotating barrel wall. Thecross section of the slide tube is elliptical.

2. Drum feeder

Only used for process locations where thefeed position is higher than the ball mill axis. Generally used in open-circuitgrinding systems, the broken products are sent to a ball mill for grinding.

3. Screw feeder

The screw feeder works the same as the drumfeeder, but the structure is different. The working principle is as follows:the material is fed into the scoop wheel by the feeding funnel, the rotatingscoop wheel lifts the material up, and then the vane is directly poured intothe spiral sleeve located inside the hollow shaft, and the inner spiral bladeconveys the material to the ball mill. Inside.

4. Snail feeder

The snail feeder has a spiral spoon thatslides the material along the inner wall of the spoon toward the bottom of thespoon as it rotates. The side wall at the bottom of the spoon has a circularhole which is aligned with the hole of the hollow journal of the ball mill, andthe material enters the ball mill through the side wall circular hole and the hollowjournal.

5. Combined feeder

The coarse feed can be lifted directly fromthe spiral partition through the hole of the cover and sent to the hollowjournal, while the sand return (graded coarse material) in the trough is pickedup by the spoon and the hook and then passed through the cylinder. The spiralpartition is fed into the hollow journal. This method not only increases thethroughput of the feeder, but also the coarse material (crushed product) doesnot need to be picked up by the spoon, thereby reducing the wear of the spoon.The combined feeder is suitable for closed-circuit grinding processes.

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