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Limonite ball mill selection

Limonite ball mill selection

There are many types of ball mills, and therange of materials that can be processed is also wide. From common minerals tobuilding stones, cement, power plants, etc., ball mills are used, includinglimonite. How to choose limonite ball mills?

1. According to the nature of minerals andcomposition selection

Before we choose the ball mill, the firstthing to consider is the composition and properties of the mineral. Commonminerals we usually recommend wet ball mills, and some building stones, such asmarble, we recommend dry ball mills.

Limonite is one of the main iron minerals.It is a brown natural multi-mineral mixture based on hydrous iron oxide. Butits iron content is not high, it is a secondary iron ore, in addition toextracting iron ore, it can also be used to make pigments. It is a commonmineral and it is recommended to choose a wet ball mill.

2. According to the size of the finishedproduct

We can choose the model of the ball millaccording to the particle size of the finished mineral. It is necessary tocarry out rough grinding or fine grinding. We compare the degree of comminutionof several common ball mills with the uniformity of particle size, and sortfrom low to high according to the degree of pulverization: short tube Latticeball mill long tube lattice ball mill cone ball mill overflowball mill. Among the four ball mills, the short-barrel type ball mill is widelyused for gold mines, heavy metal minerals, and materials that are easilyground.

Therefore, in the selection of the limoniteball mill, we first consider the short-barrel type ball mill. If it is treatedby the overflow ball mill, the heavy metal mineral particles are deposited andover-pulverized.

3. According to the requirements of thebeneficiation process

The limonite ore is mainly selected bymagnetic beneficiation, and the equipment used is a jaw crusher, a classifier,a ball mill, a magnetic separator, a concentrator, and the like. There aredifferent processes for different magnetic iron ore. For the weak magnetic ironore mine, “three choices and one burn” are used: re-election, magneticseparation, flotation and roasting magnetic separation, directly for ferromagneticiron ore. It is processed by magnetic separation. The limonite is a weakmagnetic ore, and the application is mainly the former.

Therefore, the choice of ball mill shouldbe considered in conjunction with the subsequent re-election equipment,magnetic separator and flotation machine, or can be used with different models.One-stage grinding selects the lattice type ball mill, and the second stagegrinding selects the overflow type ball mill.

4. According to the choice of output

According to the output, choose thespecific ball mill model. Look at the scale of your plant. If the scale islarge, it is recommended to choose a large ball mill with a diameter of 3.6meters or more. If the scale is small, you can choose a small and medium ballmill. The diameter of the ball mill produced by our company is from 900mm~ between4500mm, the model is complete, and can be customized according to requirements.

The above is about how to choose thelimonite ball mill. We can consider the mineral properties, finished productsize, process requirements and production requirements. I believe that you canchoose the ball mill model that suits you.

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