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Gypsum Rotary Kiln Equipment Technical Features

Gypsum Rotary Kiln Equipment Technical Features

The gypsum rotary kiln is an industrial equipment for the preliminary processing and extraction of gypsum ore, which has the outstanding advantages of large output. Atpresent, the processing technology and equipment of gypsum are not completelythe same as natural gypsum. For example, in material transportation, dusttreatment, and rotary kiln calcination process, the unit value of gypsum rotarykiln production of gypsum products has been improved. Gypsum rotary kilnequipment technical features:

1. A verticalpreheater is installed on the tail end of the gypsum rotary kiln, so that thewaste heat from the kiln exhaust around 900°C is directly transmitted to thelimestone. After the temperature drops to about 230°C, it enters theprecipitator through the outlet pipe and is effectively recovered. Exhaustedheat.

2. Thelength-diameter ratio of the gypsum rotary kiln is reduced from 20 to 25 to 14to 15. The reduction in length not only reduces the heat lost from the surfaceof the rotary kiln to the surrounding area, but also reduces the floor space ofthe equipment. At the same time, the transmission of the kiln, and the poweralso decreases.

3. The entiregypsum rotary kiln production line has a high degree of automation. Productionoperations such as feeding, calcining, and finished product transportation,equipment operation monitoring, adjustment, and alarms are collectivelycontrolled by a PLC or a DCS control system in a centralized control room, andeach control is provided. Point screen display and necessary chain monitoring,automatic recording of operation and operating parameters in production, andprinting at any time.

4. The kiln hoodof the gypsum rotary kiln adopts an integrated design, which ensures thesealing and avoids the free discharge of hot gas and dust.

5. The gypsumrotary kiln head discharging cooling device adopts the vertical cooler insteadof the original single cylinder cooler to avoid the sensible heat loss of thegypsum, and the 1000°C hot product finished falling from the kiln head passesthrough the second time. Wind heat exchange, gypsum can be cooled, thetemperature dropped to about 80 °C, through the output of the vibration feeder,heat back into the kiln to become hot air combustion, waste heat is againrecycled.

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